Ripple Featured Content

Ripple Network Features

Ripple was an 'Out-of-home' network. Our primary product, large screen TVs that were put in partner locations like Borders, Tulley's, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and many others, we placed in places of waiting usually. Common places were at the end of a coffee bar while you waited for your drink to be made.

The primary purpose of the network was to create an ad space and monetization opportunity for the partners locations and franchiseses. 

We offered content features in the bigger area of the screens to inform and delight. We had more 15-30 second features than what is listed here. All features were designed by our design team and built by us in Flash/Actionscript. Most features required us to import content via an XML feed from the content partner and cycle through them. The features played content randomly and only once in a loop.